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Plus Ultra Leiden

Emmy Noetherweg 2
2333 BK Leiden

AanvaardingIn overleg
HuurprijsOp aanvraag
Beschikbaar2.724 m² (Ongeveer 270 Bureaus)

Object omschrijving

Plus Ultra Leiden offers companies the unique opportunity to thrive in a prominent location at the Leiden Bio Science Park. Situated in a vibrant center, Plus Ultra Leiden brings together a diverse community of ambitious enterprises, startups, and knowledge institutions, fostering collaboration and open innovation within the field of Life Sciences & Health.
The name ‘Plus Ultra’ perfectly embodies these values. ‘Plus Ultra’ means ‘further and further’ symbolizing the constant pursuit of progress, innovation, and growth.
Plus Ultra Leiden has about 15,000 sq m of space suitable for offices, laboratories, cleanrooms, pilot plants, conditioned rooms, multifunctional research rooms and techno halls. In addition, there are also meeting rooms and presentation rooms in the building. Additionally, an incubator function has been established, focusing on support, innovation, and development.
Kadans Science Partner
Kadans Science Partner focuses on bringing people together to overcome global challenges.
Across Europe, we have built a network of clients, partner organisations, and innovative minds, active in Life Sciences & Health, Food, Energy & Digital Economy. All determined to find solutions to the global challenges we face today. All determined to make a difference.
Therefore, we invest, develop and operate specialised assets to complement science clusters across Europe. These are not just standard workspaces. We create environments in which scientific organisations can thrive. Specialised assets that are curated to suit your needs and support future growth.
Within each specialised asset and wider science cluster you'll find organisations of all sizes, which can help you scale or support you as you need. Whether you need access to talent, research, or capital, we can connect you with the right people, in the right organisation.
As a tenant of Kadans, you have access to their meeting rooms at any location in Europe. This allows for flexibility and convenience in hosting meetings and collaborating with partners or colleagues across Kadans Science Partner facilities throughout the continent.
Around the central atrium is a gallery that gives access to the freely divisible floors. Each floor is free of columns and can be flexibly divided into a combination of lab spaces and offices. This allows you to customize and create your ideal workplace environment.
Leiden Bio Science Park
More and more organizations want to become part of the life sciences and health community of Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) and therefore settle in Leiden. To meet this need, LBSP urgently needs more accommodation opportunities.
With this space, LBSP can offer new parties the opportunity to establish at LBSP and give the organizations present at LBSP the opportunity to grow. LBSP accommodates the largest number of bioscience start-ups in the Netherlands. Some of the established names include various multinationals and internationally acclaimed research institutes.
LBSP is the largest knowledge cluster in the Netherlands in the field of life sciences & health and is highly regarded internationally. The clustering of high-quality education, research, healthcare and business attracts students, scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world to the knowledge city of Leiden.


  • Bicycle storage including power for battery charging
  • of E-bikes
  • Showers
  • Car park in the building and in the opposite car park;
  • IT fiber connection
  • Delivery box, for receiving and sending packages;
  • Logistics area
  • Easy access to services like cleaning, waste management, etc.

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6de Verdieping
Huurprijs€ 295 / m² / jaar
Beschikbaar1.072 m²
2de Verdieping
Huurprijs€ 295 / m² / jaar
Beschikbaar441 m²
1ste Verdieping
Huurprijs€ 295 / m² / jaar
Beschikbaar1.069 m²
Begane Grond
Huurprijs€ 295 / m² / jaar
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Locatie en bereikbaarheid

The Plus Ultra Leiden building is located at the Emmy Noetherweg 2 in Leiden in a prime location at the Kop van Leeuwenhoek with a strategically favorable position for life sciences & health related businesses. The Leiden Bio Science Park is a prominent environment for science and research. Approximately 130 dedicated companies and medical life science institutions are located here. The Leiden Bio Science Park has the largest number of startups in the Netherlands and various multinationals and internationally renowned research institutes.