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Columbus 20-28

Columbus 11
7609 RL Bornerbroek

Huurprijs€ 50 / m² / jaar
Beschikbaar90.000 m²

Object omschrijving

T-Port Logistic Campus: a unique campus located on a new logistic hotspot of Europe.
The campus consists of a modern and multi-functional distribution center with a total of 180.000 sq.m. warehouse surface, which can be divided in separate and linkable units of approx. 10.000 to 15.000 sq.m. To guarantee an efficient handling of all the logistic processes, the warehouse is built with a maximum amount of loading docks per unit. Spread out over the campus there’s plenty of employee parking, completely separate from the lorry traffic.


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Energielabel A

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1ste Verdieping
Huurprijs€ 50 / m² / jaar
Beschikbaar90.000 m²

Locatie en bereikbaarheid

The site is situated on XL Businesspark Twente in Almelo and is a unique AAA - view location on the A35 highway with multimodal transport flows. The campus has a barge terminal on site. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Twente Airport, situated at 20 km, is available for business flights. The campus has it’s own barge terminal operated by Combi Terminal Twente ( has three terminals in Rotterdam, Hengelo and Almelo and handles approximately 300,000 tue annually, making it the largest inland terminal in The Netherlands. And last but not least: in the region there is still highly motivated labor available. In this area there is a close collaboration between special educational institutions, the government and the business community.